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Fashion designer, Digital visual artist
Chinese digital artist and designer Fanrui Sun is at the vanguard of merging luxury sensibilities with 3D technology. She has notably collaborated on projects with brands and creatives such as Adidas, Mercedes Benz, and Nick Knight's Ikon-1, gaining recognition from prominent publications including China Daily, Cosmo China, and ARTÉMIS. She is currently earning her Master's in Fashion at the Royal College of Art in London, while also contributing as a member of Xtended Identity, a leading digital fashion brand that recognizes the multi-faceted nature of human identity, encompassing both the physical and digital realms.

As one of the designers leading the exploration of new forms in fashion, Fanrui draws inspiration from the mysterious and largely unexplored organic forms of marine life. She combines these physical inspirations with characteristics of digital technology, like algorithms and open methodology, to imagine clothing as a force that can change the definition of the body and identity. Fanrui also focuses on the potential pitfalls of the digital medium in order to make digital fashion more accessible and foster equity within the industry. "My vision is to provide a richer clothing experience by thinking about the connections and boundaries between fashion, the medium, and life," she says.
Instagram: sunwanw
Weibo: sunwanww
Redbook: sunwanw

Linkedin:Fanrui (sunwanw) Sun

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Appearance, Identity, Surface, Space, Society


Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 3 Jun. 1999
Telephone: +86 13390062717

                    +44 7932493720
Place of Birth: Sichuan, China

Location: London

Education Backgrounds

Sep. 2017 - Jun.2022

Degree BA

Sep.  2022 - Sep. 2023

Degree MA

LuXun Academy of Fine Arts——Bachelor of Fashion Design

Bunka International Fashion College——Bachelor of Fashion Design

Royal College of Art —— Master of Fashion



  • 2020

  • Nov. 2020    Participated in Nowness's Pattern Project

  • 2021

  • Nov. 2021    Singer Whatsonot MV virtual costume design as an independent artist 

  • Jan. 2021     Interview for the ARTÉMIS Magazine

  • Feb. 2021    Participated in Fila's project and was responsible for digital advertisement production

  • Jun. 2021     Participated in Adidas Originals Project and responsible for the production of virtual garments

  • Jun. 2021     NFT's "The day I saw a pink TV monster" has been successfully traded on Bca's MetaOpus and Topbidder.

  • Aug. 2021    Participated in Ports UCCA Lab virtual show event

  • Oct. 2021     NFT's 'Twilight Goddess' has been successfully traded on Bca's MetaOpus and Topbidder.

  • Dec. 2021     AKOMA*YOUTHGANG solo artwork exhibition

  • 2022

  • Feb. 2022     PRESTIGE HK fashion magazine February issue features artwork

  • Mar. 2022     Magazine OVERSTANDARD Personal interview and artwork published

  • Mar. 2022     Works published Magazine SICKY's 

  • Api. 2022     Magazine POWERCIRCLES Virtual clothing magazine cover design by Olympians Kim Boyo

  • Api. 2022     Signed as lead artist for digital fashion company XI

  • Api. 2022     Invited to participate in NICK KNIGHT AND SHOWSTUDIO's Ikon-1 nft project

  • May.2022    Featured in COSMO CHINA digital fashion column

  • Jue.2022     Graduate design won the Women's Fashion Design Award at the China International Student Fashion Week and the Technology Innovation Award

  • Jue.2022     Invited to participate in Mercedes Benz - EQE digital film design and production

  • Oct. 2022    Works exhibited at 2022 MILANO PHOTOFESTIVAL 17TH 

  • Nov.2022     Work published in K!ND Lab Nov. 2022

  • Nov. 2022    Work presented at Chengdu International Photography Week 2022

  • Nov. 2022    Artwork was worn by Chinese singer Faye Zhan Wenting at the Glitter Night

  • Dec.2022     Participated in the production of X-identity AViAN project

  • 2023

  • Jan.2023      Invited to be interviewed by China Daily for Fashion designers embrace metaverse article

  • Feb.2023     Featured on digital platform Coeval

  • May.2023     Invited to participate in theirs global project #HeartOfTheUniverse

  • Jun. 2023     Featured on JING DAILY The Business of Luxury Chnia

  • July.2023      Been chosen as one of the ten designers for SYKY Collective -- a luxury fashion incubator for digital fashion

  • July.2023      Works published in BOF news    


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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