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Fashion designer, Digital visual artist

Sun Fanrui is a Chinese digital artist and designer and at the vanguard of merging luxury sensibilities with 3D technology. She has notably collaborated on projects with brands and creatives such as Adidas, Mercedes Benz, and Nick Knight's Ikon-1, gaining recognition from prominent publications including China Daily, Cosmo China, and ARTÉMIS. She is currently earning her Master's in Fashion at the Royal College of Art in London, while also contributing as a member of Xtended Identity, a leading digital fashion brand that recognizes the multi-faceted nature of human identity, encompassing both the physical and digital realms.  Currently, She has also been chosen as one of the ten designers for SYKY Collective -- a luxury fashion incubator for digital fashion. In 2023, she will continue to explore new media and possibilities for clothing in the current environment and will be active in various platforms as a digital clothing designer, exploring as many possibilities as possible for clothing in the new era.


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